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Campaign for Education, Prevention and Treatment of TB (CEPT) has been implemented by Blossom from 2007, with the aim of improving TB treatment and monitoring, and increasing awareness of TB in the community.

The objectives of the project were to:

  • Provide improved TB treatment and monitoring to TB patients, including those co-infected with HIV every year.

  • Meet and exceed WHO target of 85% treatment completion and cure rates for TB patients registered with the project by the end year after the initial implementation.

  • Improve the levels of awareness and knowledge about TB amongst patients, 1,100 local volunteers, 2,500 other stakeholders and at least 10% of the 1.9 million inhabitants of the Virudhunagar district through extensive health education activities every year.

Blossom also recruited and trained volunteers of DOTS within the community to support this cause. The project has been implemented in all of Virudhunagar's 11 blocks. A benchmark survey was conducted in the month of April 2009, in both the existing and the new areas of CEPT, to help Blossom develop an implementation strategy. Staff orientation training workshops were also conducted in the month of April 2009.


EduClowns campaigns are the cornerstone of the CEPT project. EduClown shows are performances that use drama and innovative communication techniques to educate and raise awareness about TB and related health issues in the general population and with government health workers. You can read more about EduClowns here

World TB Day

Blossom CEPT Project organised several World TB days throughout its duration. During these days promotional material was distributed such as flyers, key chains and pens to spread awareness about TB. More about our World TB Day events can be found here.

Live Telecast Cable TV Programmes

Multiple telecast shows were conducted throughout the years with help of CEPT. Many important guests including doctors, nurses or government were represented to discuss the issue of TB and possible solutions to eliminate this disease. More can be read here.

Goats for Gains

The Goats for Gains project was part of the CEPT initiative to facilitate a sustainable capacity-building mechanism designed to break the chain of poverty in the most vulnerable parts of society, including CEPT TB patients. Ever since the establishment of the project approximately 50-70 farmers were selected each year to participate in the program. More can be read here

Strategic Review of Blossom – “ Blossom in Bloom “

In April 2011, Blossom received an opportunity through CEPT, Target TB, to hire an external consultant Dr. Mohan raj – Bangalore, to conduct a strategic company review.

Strengths highlighted include:

  • Strong leadership

  • Strong family organizational culture

  • The brand image and brand value of Blossom

  • The ability to reproduce and outsource models such as the Rainbow TB forum model

CEPT has been completed by the year 2018.

Project duration: 2007-2018

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