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The EduClowns of Tamil Nadu are a theater group connected to

Blossom Trust. 

The EduClowns are non-professional actors, coming directly from our communities, selected from within our network of self-help groups affected by TB and HIV/AIDS. Wearing the mask and clothing of a clown, the performers are able to step out of themselves, no longer restricted by the traditional boundaries that hold them to the taboo and prevent them from addressing stigma.

Also known as the “red-nosed”, the Educlowns offer an alternative method in educating the public about pertinent but sensitive health related issues. Their displays are thought a provoking, yet entertaining way to stimulate discussion and action in a tangible manner.  

Their past efforts include campaigns for child health, sexual education such as promoting the use of condoms, and raising awareness of TB.

Through the years the EduClowns have performed more than 100 times,

reaching hundreds of thousands of people in Tamil Nadu. 


Take a look at when our EduClowns perform

Or read about a particular EduClowns event

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