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World TB Day 2011

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

World TB Day this year was on 24 March 2011. Our volunteer from the United States has given us her perspective of the day.


During the day we organized several gatherings to discuss the importance of leaving no one behind in the effort to eradicate tuberculosis. Our self-help groups informed the public about how to prevent TB and what to do if you contract TB. During the day they emphasized the importance of addressing the stigma and discrimination that people with TB face when they look for treatment.

Through the eyes of a volunteer

During the day, one of our volunteers from the United States contributed to our efforts. Her views of the day:

''I have been well taken care of, and inspired by this organization of women. Today they exceeded my expectations, spreading awareness of the prevalence of TB, how to prevent the disease, where to seek medical treatment, and how to cure TB once it’s contracted. The community’s response was also enthusiastic and all representatives at Blossom felt they gave their best efforts in executing World TB Day 2011.''

Project duration: 2011

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