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TG Community Event - Health Camp 2021

Blossom Trust has recently hosted a new community event as part of our Targeted Intervention Program for the Transgender (TG) community in Kanchipuram to raise awareness and increase access to healthcare assistance and STI prevention.

On September 22nd 2021, 35 TG women took part in our Health Camp, where various medical professionals gathered to address and engage with the community. Dermatologist Mr Mohammed Farooq described how HIV spreads and explained its risks and prevention methods, while STI consultant Mr Satish helped identify the community’s specific doubts and concerns over their health in an interactive and cooperative manner.

On this day, the TG community was also the recipient of the first of Blossom’s 2-day dry ration distribution events in affiliation with our COVID-19 emergency response initiative sponsored by Impact Guru donations. With the goal of mitigating COVID-19 impact on vulnerable communities, 35 dry ration kits comprising food items, masks and hand sanitiser were distributed amongst the community.

The day was a success, with all Health Camp participants receiving HIV testing and rations while being informed about the importance of safety and hygiene practices, and COVID-19 vaccination.

We would love to thank all those involved and those who donated to our COVID-19 Emergency Distribution fundraiser, which has allowed us to continue to support our communities.

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