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Our People

      If you give a woman a fish, she eats for a day.

                          If you teach a woman to fish, she eats for a lifetime.


Strong female leadership

Our Executive Director, Ms. Mercy Annapoorani, has been with Blossom Trust since the beginning, in 1993. 


She is the recipient of the Kalai Valar Mani Award from the Madurai Arts Club in 1998 and the 2002 International Prize for Women’s Creativity in Rural Life by the World Women’s Summit Foundation (WWSF), Switzerland.

She has earned a Diploma in Theater Arts (1998), a Master of Commerce with a Diploma in Human Resource Development (1999), a Master of Arts in Sociology (2000) and a Master of Women’s Studies (2005). 

She is currently a delegate of NGOs in Developing Countries for the UNITAID board in Geneva, a board member for The International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease in Germany and a member of The Global Coalition of TB Activists in India.



Board of Trustees

Organisational Structure

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