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Dayspring Home

In 2004 Blossom Trust established Dayspring Home for children in Chittoor, a rural area outside of Virudhunagar. Dayspring provides safe, stable and nurturing environment and opportunities for vulnerable groups of children.Dayspring Home is now a permanent and well established project of the organisation, providing constant care and support to children.


One of the goals of the Dayspring Home is to reintegrate children that have been rejected back into their families by providing ongoing social and medical support through parent counseling, education and self-help groups

Doors of Dayspring are open for children who: 

  • Lost their family members due to HIV/AIDS/TB infections

  • Infected and rejected from their families due to the stigma surrounding the diseases

  • Due to their families’ socio-economic status they can not afford basic needs and are deprived from society

To support their physical and emotional well-being Blossom provides medical care, support in their educational needs, 3 nutritious meals a day, clothes and social support.

Blossom Trust is responsible for the management and operations of the home. We rely on private donations to cover operating expenses – roughly USD $11,500 per year.

Providing a child with food and expenses costs just $25 per month.

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To provide children from Dayspring with a sustainable and nutritious source of food, Blossom Trust established Dayspring Farm. The farm is located next to the Dayspring Home on 6 acres of land and is maintained by the Blossom Farm team, local farmers and volunteers.

​Dayspring Farm does not only focus on providing healthy food - our agricultural and eco-friendly activities teach children how to take care of the environment.

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