The Blossom Farm was established by Caritas Sweden in 2002 with the idea of creating a sustainable income for local people. Caritas Sweden then agreed to allow some of the products to be used to sustain a healthy lifestyle within the designated children's home. The farm is located next to Dayspring Home on 6 acres of land and is maintained by a full-time member of staff who tends to the livestock and crops. 

The farm is fully organic using no pesticides in the production of the fresh produce and instead, the manure from the livestock is used to fertilize the land. This year we are going further still, using the manure from the livestock to create gas to cook with. A bio-gas plant was built and installed with the help of Caritas Linkoping. The manure is collected and mixed with water to be sealed in a chamber. Methane gas is given off and stored at the top of the chamber. A pipe system is connected and attached siphoning the gas into the kitchen, where it is used for cooking. This is not only environmentally friendly but saves a huge amount of money on the ever-rising costs of fuel. All the food for the livestock is produced on the farm, to safeguard funds into more important areas. To conserve on water and maximise the effectiveness we use a drip irrigation system, with which rainwater is collected and slowly released across the farm through a pipe system. The farm also contains a well which stores safe water for the children during the summer when the rains can’t be relied on for collection and use. A new edition in 2018 was the production of ‘vermicompost’ using worms to fertilize the soil and to help enrich the earth in the farm giving better yields on production.

The farm aims to produce adequate vegetables, fruit, milk and eggs. This year the site has 3 cows and 3 chickens. Unfortunately, a bout of bird flu killed off a large proportion of the chickens, so this year Dayspring Farm will be looking for donations and funding to help build this back up again. The agricultural side of the farm is booming with the cultivation of many varieties of fresh produce. These include okra, aubergine, corn, spinach, drumstick, mango, guava, banana, coconut and gooseberry. The vegetables in the farm are also often taken care of by the occasional volunteers that come to Dayspring. 


This broad spectrum of nutritious foods provides the children with a balanced and diverse diet, giving them a platform of education on a healthy lifestyle.

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