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Our Story

We are committed to changing the narrative from women as disadvantaged and impoverished,  to women as agents of change and pillars of development,  creating the opportunity for them to take ownership over their own empowerment.

Blossom Trust was established in 1993 as a grassroots NGO with an initial focus on social empowerment of underprivileged women and security for vulnerable children living in Virudhunagar. We have since grown into a rights based, women-led organisation for the empowerment of women and development of communities across Tamil Nadu.


Our goal has always been to create sustainable change for disadvantaged or

marginalised communities.

Over time, our work broadened as we listened and responded to community needs. Blossom Trust oversees a range of programmes, from health advocacy to micro-finance and holistic capacity-building.


In all that we do, we put women at the forefront, remaining true to our original objectives. 


Our vision is to place women at the heart of

community development;

establishing thriving, equitable and empowered communities across Tamil Nadu.



We promote women-led development and

create resilient communities 

through collective networks, advocacy 

and awareness-raising.


Theory of change


We are committed to changing the narrative from women as disadvantaged and impoverished to women as leaders and agents of change: creating the opportunity for them to take ownership of their development and empowering them to empower their community.


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