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Interested in volunteering?

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Dayspring Home

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Dayspring Farm

At Dayspring, we welcome like-minded people who are friendly and proactive.


Visit the sites below to learn more & find out how you could lend a hand!


"We stayed and volunteered at Dayspring for 2 weeks before the COVID pandemic. We really liked the place, the children were really kind, and sharing in their daily life was such a great opportunity for us. As a volunteer you can do almost anything you want to help the children: for example, Pierre did construction work and I used to cook with the children, and we made a video to promote Dayspring for a fundraiser. We were also hoping to organise an Olympic Games, but unfortunately had to leave India because of COVID-19.


If you are looking for a place to be really helpful in India, and share a moment with young local people, this place is for you!"

Volunteer testimonials

—  Elea & Pierre, France | March 2020

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