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Blossoming of Power
in Every Individual

Empowering women to empower their community.

Here's how:

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Community institutions

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Education and awareness

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Grassroots initiatives 


Poomalai Women's


Beginning in 2005, Blossom worked within an Indian government micro-finance scheme designed to create and empower Self-Help Groups (SHGs). The SHGs had leadership programmes, training, and opened bank accounts and internal accounts. Close to 1200 SHGs were created, with 15-20 people - almost entirely women - per group.

Women’s leadership can transform solutions.

So far:

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Years of

empowering women


advocacy events


SHGs established

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Bridging the gap between local and global​.

UN Sustainable Development Goals:


News & stories:


Provide Care for 30 Vulnerable Children in India

Dayspring Children's Home provides refuge to children between 6 and 16, affected or infected with HIV/AIDS. The children we care for are vulnerable, coming from severe poverty, parental death or social stigma.


Dayspring Home provides ongoing medical care, nutritional support, safety and security, as well as supporting school and college education for the children in our care. With your help we can begin to combat the poverty cycle and provide these children with prospects for their futures.

Today we have 25 children in our care, and we are one of the few homes for vulnerable children in Tamil Nadu caring for HIV and/or TB affected children. The COVID crisis has brought a new threat on the children as food security is becoming a serious issue.  Governments are not able to financially support medically-dependent children, so, now more than ever, we rely on the generosity of people like you.

With your donation 

we can continue to provide vital medical and social support for children, ensure every child finishes college, and give the security and affection every child deserves, especially during this humanitarian crisis. Consider making a donation now!