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COVID-19 2nd Wave| Emergency Distribution 2021

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

The second wave in India is unfolding in a nationwide humanitarian crisis. On the 4th of May, the country has recorded more than 22,7 million cases and more than 246.000 deaths since the start of the pandemic. With hospitals overburdened all over the country and new lockdown measures in place, Indian Citizens face physical, mental and financial consequences of the pandemic. Currently, within our local communities, we see cases rising on a daily basis since the beginning of April even despite government restrictions on movement.

The effect of the second wave on vulnerable households in rural areas is exacerbating. Vulnerable households continue to be more likely to be infected with the COVID-19 virus due to their profession, lack of the possibility to quarantine and/or social distance and lower possibilities to be tested. Furthermore, many of them lost their employment and their respective savings during the first wave. Blossom Trust stands close to its community and will dedicate its time to supporting these vulnerable households.

We have set up a fundraiser to provide 250 vulnerable households with immediate relief through the distributions of rations and the provision of hygienic kits. The rations consist of necessary food items such as rice, flour, sugar, salt, dahl and some additional spices. The hygienic kits include 5 clean masks, soap and sanitiser. Hereby, we can relieve their immediate need for food and offer them some protection in terms of the spread of the virus.

Furthermore, we will continue to raise awareness about the spread and protection of COVID-19 and promote the vaccine approach of the government. Hereby we will help the vulnerable households to become vaccinated especially since the government of India has announced that everyone above 18 years old is now eligible for their vaccination.

Our fundraiser has ended last week of July 2021, raising a total of INR 96,947. We wish to thank all who have participated, showing your kindness and support during these challenging times. As we are preparing to start the distribution over the next few weeks, we will soon share updates on our progress and the help delivered to the community.

Thank you again, and stay safe!

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Jinga Apps
Jinga Apps
18 jul 2021

try the site to learn more about how to receive donations for covid victims and those who are poor and needy

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