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COVID19 Emergency Distribution

COVID19 Emergency Distribution to Vulnerable Households in the Madurai Area in collaboration with Honeywell and Seeds.

COVID19 has an unprecedented effect on India. Currently India is one of the countries with the highest incidence of new cases and Tamil Nadu is one of the worst affected states in the country. With new cases still surging high, the danger has definitely not passed yet. Furthermore, despite the lockdown restriction being lifted, the economic consequences are becoming very clear. The local communities are struggling to get by and need support in terms of food. That is why, Blossom Trust is, in collaboration with SEEDS and Honeywell is distributing emergency rations to the local communities.

The aim of this project is to distribute more than 2000 emergency rations, consisting of Rice, Flour, Dahl, Spices and tea to vulnerable households living in the Madurai urban area. The beneficiaries consist of TB patients, Transgenders, women-led households and people living with disabilities among others. The distribution has started in September 2020 and currently, we have given more than 2000 rations to vulnerable households.

We would like to thank SEEDS and Honeywell for their support and collaboration to make such a meaningful impact.

We are currently also still working towards the distribution of emergency rations in Chennai, if you want to support this effort, please go to:


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