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Rainbow TB Forum

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The RTBF was formed in 2009, out of our CEPT project, by a group of college students who were subjected to stigmatization and discrimination while getting tested for TB in public hospitals in Virudhunagar Tamil Nadu, South India. They decided to stand for their rights and become a voice to the voiceless. Since its formation, RTBF has grown its wings to other districts and cities around Tamil Nadu. 

Nowadays, Rainbow TB Forum (RTBF) distinguishes itself as a network comprised exclusively of past and presently TB affected people. Their aims are improving health and wellbeing, by fostering conversation and further societal acceptance of those afflicted with TB through a community support network. The RTBF is unique in its strong focus on TB prevention, treatment compliance, care after cure and education campaigns to fight stigma associated with TB.

At Blossom we work closely together with the Rainbow TB Forum, to ensure the rights of people affected by TB.


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