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Family Counceling Centre

The FCC project was initiated in 1999 to protect the rights and well being of women and children. Trained Blossom staff offered psychological, legal, economic and medical support to women and children who are in need, particularly those victimized by domestic violence.

The project also aimed to raise awareness about the role of women in society and their rights. FCC is a member of both the District Advisory Committee for Crime against Women and for the prevention of domestic violence; and the District Advisory Committee for the prevention of child abuses, child trafficking and child prostitution. The FCC project is funded by the Central Social Welfare Board, New Delhi.

Activities of FCC

  • Provide Pre-Marital and Marital Counseling

  • Conduct counseling awareness programmes for school and college students

  • Training school and college counseling services, focusing on career guidance

  • Conduct one day training sessions on Counseling Skills and Approaches for female police personal

  • Conducting workshops on adolescent and reproductive health

  • Weekly attendance at family related cases at the Virudhunagar all women police station

  • Joining the Police Mobile Counseling team to villages once per week

Project duration: 1999-2014

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