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Paneer HIV Positive Women's Network Trust

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“Paneer HIV Positive Women's Network Trust”, informally known as Paneer Poo, is a registered Public Charitable Trust founded by a team of ambitious HIV positive women.


More than 2 million people in India are currently living with HIV. However, education on HIV, AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases is still considered a major social taboo. HIV positive patients are excluded from society: they face rejection by friends and family, experience physical violence and emotional abuse, and they are denied in receiving fundamental rights, such as medical care, education and social security. As the most vulnerable community, HIV positive women require the constant need of care and counseling support to face the consequence of stigma and discrimination, which impacts their health, and social and economic aspects of life. 

In order to help women to overcome emotional barriers of stigma and discrimination and to support them in improving their health and socioeconomic position, in 2006 a group of resilient HIV Positive Women created the “Paneer HIV Positive Women's Network Trust'', or Paneer Poo. Originally formed as one of Blossom Trust’s many women's Self Help Groups (SHG), practicing savings and microcredit. Over time the Network has evolved into a peer-to-peer support forum for women living with HIV/AIDS and/or other chronic health conditions in Virudhunagar District. 


The Strategy of Paneer Poo Network:

Building a strong and united network of women living with HIV and/or other chronic health  conditions, as a basis to promote the Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ESCR) of the community, and building capacity at the personal and community level, towards improved health and social and economic upliftment. 



Almost all our members have undergone different kinds of training starting from counseling, ARV  (Anti Retro Viral) Treatment, Addressing PLHA (People Living With HIV/AIDS) Rights and Networking for Lobbying and Advocacy.


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