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World TB Day 2015

During World TB Day 2015 our EduClowns took to the streets to create awareness about tuberculosis (TB).

Creating awareness

The EduClowns performed on the street of Sivakasi in a program dedicated to TB awareness and treatment. The EduClowns gave a second performance just for the TB   patients, their families and the other audience members. In the audience were also children who have been treated through the CEPT project.

CEPT is a project run by Blossom Trust, to provide education to people affected by TB. The program informs people on how to prevent TB, where to go for treatment and how to deal with the stigma and discrimination revolving around this disease. At the end of the day, all the children who were part of the CEPT program were each presented with a gift bag filled with different fruits.

After the speaking event, the participants were treated to a nice lunch. It was a very informative day for everyone present.

Project duration: 2015

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