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World TB Day 2010

Blossom CEPT project observed World TB Day on 24.03.2010 and conducted the following activities.

1. Top to Bottom Telecast Programme on TB:

People of all social backgrounds from the District Collector to slum dwellers were interviewed about TB by the Blossom CEPT team. In this way everyone shared their views about TB and Blossom was able to create awareness among a variety of communities in Virudhunagar.

2. World TB Day Message in Key Chain:

Key chains with the World TB Day message "On the move against Tuberculosis. Innovate to accelerate action" were prepared and distributed to raise awareness and spread TB information.

3. Phone Message:

A voice recorded message was sent to 2000 phone numbers about our Blossom CEPT Project and DOTS treatment.

Meeting with Catering and Nursing Students

A meeting with Catering and Nursing students from the National Academy was organised during the World TB Day. The Director of Blossom gave an introduction about Blossom and its work. Wallpapers with slogans and messages, which explained the symptoms, causes and treatment process of TB, were displayed in many important places such as the Railway Junction, bus stands and the government hospital entrance.

Project duration: 2010

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