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World Diabetes Day 2012

World Diabetes Day 2012 was observed by Blossom as part of the Axshya project.

Diabetes as described by the WHO

''Diabetes is one of the major health and development challenges of the 21st century. It is an incurable, costly, increasing but largely preventable non-communicable disease that affects people of all ages. No country, rich or poor, is immune to the epidemic.''

Axshya for World Diabetes Day 2012

Axshya was a government project to create awareness about TB, with education on how to prevent TB, where to go for treatment and how to deal with discrimination. As people with diabetes have a higher risk of contracting TB, the diseases are closely related. For World Diabetes Day 2012 we therefore went into the community to educate people about the signs of diabetes, as well as how to live with diabetes.

Project duration: 2012

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