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World TB Day 2022

This year's World TB Day theme was 'Invest to End TB. Save Lives. ' Here at Blossom Trust we organised a week-long TB Observance Programme leading up to the 24th of March, World TB Day itself. Here's what we got up to!

DAY 1  | 22.03.2022 | Ramanathapuram

We kicked off the morning of 22 March with two EduClowns distributing TB Awareness flyers in the Rameshwaram Harbor, after which the Blossom Team met up with Nazar Khan, the Chairman of the Municipality of Rameshwaram, the Deputy Director of the Fisheries Department, and recently elected council officers. Together they revealed a banner at the back of a boat stating this year's goal to make India TB Free in 2025. The boat sailed away from the port to the shores of the beach to spread the message. 

After the kick-off, Blossom and government partners headed to the beach to reveal a Sand Sculpture that was then opened for public viewers and our Director gave a speech on the importance of joining hands to reach our shared goal of making India TB free in 2025. She outlined current efforts made by Blossom Trust to attain this objective and highlighted the relevance of global cooperation through the STOP TB Partnership. The Government council members showed support to continue and strengthen shared efforts to create impactful TB responses.

Leaving the Sand Sculpture to be admired by the people of Rameshwaram, the Blossom staff drove to Kollur village near Paranopudi town for their third activity of the day. In the evening, the EduClown theatre group headed to the villages to spread awareness on TB using drama and street performance. During the event, the  Blossom staff members also distributed promotional flyers, masks, caps and t-shirts to the communities.

DAY 2 | 23.03.2022 | Madurai & Virudhunagar

On Day 2, Blossom continued with EduClown Street Theatre programs, this time in Vanivelampatti in Madurai District. Blossom also arranged for the 10-day long display of a Digital Multi Language TB Awareness Hoarding in Madurai District, as well as Permanent Display Hoardings at Virudhunagar Government Hospital. The latter was inaugurated by Dr. Sangumani, the Dean, Virudhunagar Government Medical College and Joint Director & (District TB officer) Dr.Rajan. Other DTO officials also participated.

WORLD TB DAY | 24.03.2022 | Madurai & Virudhunagar

On World TB Day, Blossom together with National TB Elimination Programme (NTEP) officers, held Awareness Meetings at Virudhunagar’s District Collectorate and at Southern Railway Station, while at AJ College Sivakasi in Madurai, prizes were awarded to the winners of various World TB Day competitions.

Virudhunagar's District Revenue Officer then flagged off our “Awareness on Wheels” Campaign, including an Awareness & Exhibition Booth that was opened for the public to see at Virudhunagar Pottal. Thereafter, the Blossom Team and Rainbow TB Forum members, together with other district-level TB advocates, marched 3km across the city to raise awareness about TB, handing out refreshments, caps and flyers to people.

Meanwhile, in Madurai, Blossom’s Executive Director Mercy Annapoorni shared some inspiring words with young Doctors at Madurai Medical College. At Madurai Hospital, Blossom’s Team inaugurated a Permanent Display Hoarding, while in Virudhunagar we held a Collectorate Program together with NTEP staff and medical personnel.

The day was closed with the third EduClown Theatre Performance of the week, this time in Ondipuli at Virudhunagar District.

DAY 5 | 26.03.2022 | Virudhunagar

After the events of WTBD, we hosted our Webinar to spread awareness and unite against our common goal of eradicating TB by 2025, and had over 50 attendees.

DAY 7 | 28.03.2022 | Madurai & Virudhunagar

On day 7 of our WTBD Observance programme, the Blossom Team inaugurated a TB Awareness Wall painting in Srivilliputhur in Virudhunagar.

DAY 9 | 30.03.2022 | Madurai & Virudhunagar

On the last day, we closed our week of activities by inaugurating the second and last TB Awareness Wall painting, this time in Aruppukottai, Virudhunagar.

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