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Rural Opportunity for Social Emancipation of Women

ROSE, Rural Opportunity for Social Emancipation of Women, came into existence as a CBO of Blossom for social entrepreneurship in order to strengthen the economic development strategy of Poomalai Women Collective and social up-liftment of women.

Rose marketing consisted of two main components: 

  1. ROSE - Fair trading division 

  2. ROSE - Rural marketing division

The goal of ROSE was to reinforce and strengthen the economic development undertaken in the Poomalai Women’s Collective through fair trade and rural marketing. The rural marketing division worked under the principle of U2R (Urban to Rural). Meaning that household needs were secured at fair prices for the local people in remote areas. Once people have benefited from a micro credit project in Poomalai, project ROSE helped them establish a sustainable business. ROSE searched for leaders in the local markets who were willing to train the women to become rural agents. These newly trained female rural leaders supported the local people in making their projects financially sustainable.

The ROSE fair trading division functioned as the active marketing link between Poomalai and potential buyers. Self-help groups have raised awareness about the amenities available for sale. Products such as phenoyl, handbags and fabrics have been recognized and promoted. So far ROSE has identified 96 rural agents and social entrepreneurship through the key economic strategy in the communities. In 2012-2013 ROSE has registered with a network of small business units called India This greatly improved the communities’ chances of gaining contracts to start large scale production within their businesses.

Project duration: 2010-2015

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