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Mobilising Female Farmers

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

We are not sitting still at Blossom Trust! We have spoken before about a new agricultural project we are setting up in which we aim to mobilise and empower female farmers. Currently, we are mobilizing and surveying women connected with us through our Poomalai Women’s Collective. Having spoken with more than 200 women so far, we are gaining traction and understanding to further develop our project.

In this project, we aim to mobilise at least 2000 marginalised and smallholder farmers into a FPO as well as strengthening their Self-Help Group foundation for increased financial independence. Currently, we are at the primary phases of this project, which are based on a great amount of initial outreach, cluster mobilisation and baseline surveying aiming to gain increased understanding of the female farmers economic and social positioning.

Through our outreach, gaining increased traction allows us to further adapt and develop our project and training opportunities for them. As most of the women are involved in goat rearing and corn millet farming, we begin to understand the great potential of their mobilisation. Their main profession is in agriculture, however they do have socio-economic prospects and upward mobility than their male counterparts.

In the long-term, through the mobilisation of the female farmers, we aim to enable a shift in the gender-relations of female farmers, in which they are recognised for their daily input. To do so, we will continue to mobilise female farmers, enable them as members of Farmers Interest Groups and promote internal savings and loans for greater financial independence.

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