Paneer HIV Positive Women's Network Trust

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“Paneer HIV Positive Women's Network Trust”, also called Paneer Poo, is a registered public charitable trust founded by a team of HIV positive women.


Originally it was formed as a women self help group part of Blossom, who practiced savings and micro credit. It has now turned into a forum for women living with HIV/AIDS in Virudhunagar District who are in need of care, console and counseling support in order to face the social stigma and swim against cultural undercurrents of Indian culture.  




HIV is vastly misunderstood in India by large swathes of the population. Rejection by friends and family, violence and refusal of medical care are common. In rural communities, where life moves slowly, unchanging, taboos prove the strongest. A largely illiterate population exasperates the situation and forces a tailored approach to delivering effective messages.

Our Paneer HIV Positive Women’s Network is the district level coordinating agency which synergies the stupendous HIV positive women leaders for their self-reliance and to improve the strength and solidarity for partner network in each district.  For the past years our network has been widened our positive women’s participation in development programs at the micro level and at the macro level. 

The Objectives

  • To provide basic information and facts about HIV/AIDS.

  • To identify and co-ordinate all PLHA.

  • To improve the psycho-socio, physical-economic conditions of PLHA.

  • To create awareness about HIV/AIDS.

  • To address the problem of discrimination experienced by PLHA.

  • To create awareness among the adolescent girls on STI/HIV/AIDS.

Almost all our members have undergone different kinds of training starting from counseling, ARV  (Anti Retro Viral) Treatment, Addressing PLHA (People Living With HIV/AIDS) Rights and Networking for lobbying and Advocacy.


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