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CC-TATA II Project

Although there has been an increase in TB initiatives in Southern India there are still obstacles preventing groups from accessing health services resulting in a high TB burden. Indeed, there is still a significant gap of information, underreporting of detected cases and underdiagnosis. India accounts for 25% of the gap in reporting of newly detected cases and inequitable access to diagnosis and treatment. Furthermore, fear of social stigma deters individuals from seeking medical attention. Therefore, we recognise a great need in raising community voices and sharing the lived experiences of TB patients and survivors.

Our Response

Built on the success of CC-TATA I, our CC-TATA II project's primary objective is to provide stigma-free healthcare, legal support, and social services, with a specific focus on cis- and transgender women and individuals with co-morbidities. 

Through active community engagement and peer counselling, and by incorporating training and building upon the pre-established Rainbow TB Forum, CC-TATA II prioritises a patient-centric approach within TB programs, promoting gender sensitivity and reinforcing treatment adherence. Additionally, the project addresses Community Rights and Gender barriers at local levels, concentrating on improving TB detection, treatment adherence, and reducing stigma. It also mobilises community and district stakeholders to advocate for gender-transformative TB policies and programs, in alignment with UN High-Level Meeting (HLM) targets.

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