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Website icons (2).png
Website icons (2).png
Website icons (2).png

Name of the project should have all first letters capitalised. Change the picture in the header background so it is relevant to the project (make sure it is good quality). Any photos that are added to the page should be added to the Wix gallery in the appropriate folder, to keep the website organised. At the top of the page, include whichever of the icons (community/awareness/grassroots) that relates to the project.

The first paragraph should be a short summary of the project, written in Helvetica Light (bold), size 20, darkest pink colour on pre-set palette.


Subsequent text should be written in Helvetica Light, size 18, darkest purple on the palette. Try yo break up the text so that it is not in one long paragraph - break it up using sub-headings, photo galleries, stretch photos, or other elements. You are more or less free to use whatever you think works best - just keep it simple, and keep the text relatively short. 

For any elements that require colour, select from our colour palate. Because we have used custom colours, these may occasionally disappear from the options - if in doubt, find the colour you want on another website page and copy/paste the element into the new page. Do NOT just guess the colour (this leads to a host of random colours being used!).

1. You may want to add lists 

2. Which could be formatted like this

Or quotes/summary statements, which could be formatted like this

Be creative, but follow the design format for the other pages on the website - we want to keep as much continuity as possible across the website.

At the bottom of the page, include the SDGs that are most relevant to this project.


In order for the page to be found, you will need to include it in the 'Active Initiatives' repeater on the correct thematic page (health/economic/social/agriculture). To do this, click on the repeater, click 'Manage' and it should bring up a panel. Duplicate one of the existing items, then change the details to summarise the new project. Make sure you change the photo, dates, description, and you must change the hyperlinks to link it to this page. Typically the photo and the date are hyperlinked, there may also be a hyperlinked arrow. Change all of them to lead to this page.

To create new page, duplicate this template page in the control panel on the side, then drag the page under the correct section in the page menu. Change the page name, and change the SEO settings (the title, description and URL that will be visible on google). If in doubt, check communications manual. 

Click save, and when you are happy, click publish!

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