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Sustainable Plant Project

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Blossom Trust initiated a Sustainable Plant Project in 2019, with the aim to encourage members of the community to learn about sustainability and to encourage eco-awareness. 

Plant seedlings are grown and nurtured at Dayspring Farm without the use of pesticides and with our rainwater irrigation system. After they have grown into small plants and saplings, we bring them into the Virudhunagar office, where they are available at the door for only a 10 rupee donation. 

The selling of plants encourages members of the community to grow their own produce, encouraging a sustainable lifestyle rather than continuing to purchase plants for one-time use. It also encourages more interaction with a natural environment and ensures the produce they receive is pesticide free. 

The plant cuttings sold are primarily herbal and medicinal, with some low-input crops. We also package and sell fertiliser produced on our farm to enable people to successfully cultivate plants in their own homes. This is a relatively new endeavour, and it has been well received by the community so far - with many families coming especially to buy plants, and children buying plants ahead of upcoming Pongal celebrations. We intend to continue growing and selling plant cuttings to encourage sustainable living within the community. 

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