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Project Artemisia

Project Artemisia marks Blossom's most comprehensive attempt to-date to address and slow the progress of the ongoing COVID Crisis. While India has achieved commendable rates of vaccination, rapid mutation of the virus has further necessitated raising awareness within communities, and encouragement of COVID prevention and preparedness practices. Project Artemisia is achieving this by working with women COVID-19 survivors and community members across 5 districts (11 Blocks) in Tamil Nadu to strengthen their communities and empower themselves.

From September 2021, this year long project has started its implementation phases. Our skilled project team, comprising of the project leader, outreach worker, advocacy and liasoning officer, and 5 COVID-19 Women Advocates, will be at the core of this project's implementation. Project Artemisia's women advocates are COVID-19 survivors who will conduct outreach and peer-to-peer training and education within 300 self-help groups in the communities we are targeting. These include other COVID-19 survivors, COVID-19 patients and their families, as well as individuals who might be at higher risk due to co-morbidities. 

Three months into our implementation, the team has made significant and timely progress. Some of our most important achievements have been:

  • 2-Day Orientation Session for the project team

  • Identification of 5 Women COVID-19 Advocates

  • 2-Day Residential Training for advocates

  • Identification of 4000 COVID patients ill between January and August 2021

  • Collaboration with Local Stakeholders Health Officials, Panchatay Leaders, SHG Leaders, Anganwadi Workers, Village Health Nurses, etc.) to identify a further 500 patients

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