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Christmas Celebrations at Dayspring

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Christmas is a time for family to come together. At Dayspring we celebrated Christmas that way on December 25th and 26th.

Our Christmas started with breakfast followed by a Christmas program. Part of this program was a sermon by our local priest, who also danced and sang with everyone. The children also had dances prepared, which day performed during the program. Thanks to a very successful fundraiser by one of our interns, the children were treated with Christmas gifts. The gifts were a mix of things the need and things they wanted. Backpacks were repaired or replaced and many of the children received new shoes. Other gifts they asked for were jewelry and watches.

After the program finished, everyone enjoyed a nice lunch. It was truly a family affair, as some relatives of the children were able to join us. The celebrations were ended with cake and games.

Want to see more of our Christmas celebration? Check out our video of the day:

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