Social Media Awareness Campaign

Education and awareness are key in any health crisis, to promote essential hygiene practices and prevent the spread of dangerous misinformation.


Novel epidemics and pandemics go hand-in-hand with fear and uncertainty. Particularly in this digital age, fear promotes rumours and misinformation. It is therefore crucial to provide information that is accurate, accessible, and context specific. 


Within our immediate response we designed and published a series of infographics​ on our social media pages. These were created to offer simple and factually accurate information about COVID-19. Simple icons make the information accessible ​and memorable, to promote behavioural change within the community. 

Our actions are guided by the most vulnerable in the community.

We understand how crucial it is to provide information that is accessible and tailored to our beneficiaries.


To ensure that the information reached the most rural communities, we formatted an infographic to be sent via WhatsApp. Knowing that many of our SHG members do not have an android phone, we also sent a short message containing the key information as a text to SHG leaders, so no-one is left in the dark.


Certain groups are more vulnerable to COVID-19 than others.

Therefore, we also created specific infographics for three of our key vulnerable groups: people living with HIV/AIDs, people living with tuberculosis, and transgender women, to provide tailored and specific guidance. 


To view or download any of our infographics, follow the links below:

What is COVID-19?

How to stay SAFE

How to stay SAFE

What are the symptoms?

Who is at risk?

WhatsApp image

Fact checking

Advice for women

Advice for TB 

Advice for HIV/AIDs 

Advice for TGs