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COVID-19 2nd Wave Distribution

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Since the unfolding of the second wave of COVID-19 in India, Blossom Trust has been on the front line of response to address this new humanitarian crisis, exacerbated by month-long lockdowns, the shutdown of shops and groceries, disruption of transportation and continuation of school closure. Although the situation is now recovering, as Tamil Nadu shifted from an average of 9,000 new daily cases in July to 800 as per November data, the impact of the virus and the strict restriction put in place over the past months are still very apparent. 

From May to July, we run a fundraiser on Impact Guru to conduct an Emergency Dry-Ration Distribution targeting vulnerable households experiencing food scarcity due to the COVID-19 health and socio-economic consequences. Thanks to the generosity and support of our donors, we raised INR 96,947. With these funds, we distributed to 70 community members and families, including COVID-19 patients, co-infected individuals, Crèche workers and children, Transgenders, among others. The distribution took place over two days, at the end of September and October, respectively, covering two districts, Kanchipuram and Virudhunagar. 

22 September - Kanchipuram 

Although we originally planned the distribution in a single district, Virudhungar, we decided to adapt our plans and support the Transgender community in the Kanchipuram district after our staff advised on the critical needs emerging there since the second wave.  


  • The distribution took place during the Health Camp community event part of our Targeted Intervention Project

  • 35 dry-ration kits distributed

  • Awareness-raising sessions conducted by medical officials  

  • Touched upon themes of co-infection (COVID-19/HIV)

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30 October - Virudhunagar 

The distribution took place a few days before the Diwali celebrations. Therefore, Blossom Trust could gather additional resources before the event, doubling the number of food rations available for distribution - originally 15 kits.  

Results: ​​

  • 35 dry-ration kits distributed

  • Awareness-raising sessions conducted by Blossom Trust field staff

  • Beneficiaries included HIV patients, Crèche workers, elderly, disadvantaged families from the local community, and members of our women networks. 

We wish to thank Impact Guru and our donors to have supported Blossom Trust in delivering front-line assistance to our communities in need.
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