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In 2016, Blossom's Buds Network, a network of centres for children affected by HIV/AIDS in the rural district of Virudhunagar, faced an unfortunate setback. Due to a lack of funds, this after-school program, dedicated to academic education and life skill development, had to be put on hold.

But now, since December  we have been reopening our centres and we have so far reached 120 children! Our Buds Network centres don’t just provide education to children affected by HIV/AIDS, but also, counselling support to both parents and teachers. In this way, we are safeguarding children’s right to education while fighting against the stigma and discrimination they may face.

But we are not stopping here. Our goal is to open 50 centres in total and reach over 2,500 vulnerable children, aged 6 to 18, across Tamil Nadu with supplementary education and support. 


Buds Network Centres provide children with:

A safe place for learning

clean water

School materials

nourishing food

dedicated school teachers


"I love coming to Buds Centre after school. It is very helpful to finish my homework." 
- Nishanthini, 4th Grade

"The  after-school Buds Centre has been super helpful for me! It helps me to finish my studies and homework!" 

- Hasini, 4th Grade

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