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Dayspring Home

Dayspring Home opened in 2004 on 6 acres of land located in Chittoor, a rural area outside of  Virudhunagar.  20-30 children between the ages of 6 and 18 are in our care. 


Some come to live in our care because they have been affected or infected by HIV/AIDS.



Some have lost parents to TB. 



Some come to us simply because they were vulnerable and living in poverty. 


Dayspring Home:



  • Provides a safe, stable and nurturing environment for children to develop

  • Ensures that all children have access to education and healthcare

  • Surrounds the children with qualified staff and a loving community network

  • Guarantees a bright future, through technical institutes, further education or apprenticeships

Blossom Trust is responsible for the management and operations of the home. We rely on private donations to cover operating expenses – roughly USD $11,500 per year.

Providing a child with food and expenses costs just $25 per month.

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Dayspring Farm was established in 2002 to provide a sustainable source of food for the children. The farm is located next to Dayspring Home on the 3 of the 6 acres of land and is maintained by the local farmer and volunteers who tend to the livestock and crops.

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