Our Impact

Blossom Trust serves its people by forming women-led community-based groups: strengthening the community in response to current needs, arising challenges and the changing climate

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Building community institutions

We believe we can create strong, sustainable and resilient growth

 - for the community, by the community 



Community institutions are organisations owned by members of the community they serve. Our goal is to create a strong foundation for sustainable ownership and national coalitions, and we strive to give women agency in the structures that benefit the entire community.

These include:​

  • Women-led Self-Help Groups - SHGs

  • Community-based organisations - CBOs

  • Patient networks 

  • Producers companies 

  • Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME)

Education and raising awareness

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We uplift the individual -

from social advocacy against stigma, to personal skills development 

A key element of our work is breaking down outdated prejudices that marginalise certain groups, and capacity-building to develop skill-sets that are practical, inclusive and forward-thinking.

Some of our methods include:

  • EduClowns theatre performances 

  • School events 

  • Skills sessions 

  • Vocational training 

  • Rallies, marches and petitions 

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Grassroots    initiatives

The greatest change can come from the smallest seed of an idea 




Sometimes ideas and projects that are new need to be piloted, to see how they are received and whether they benefit the community. We support these initiatives, to ensure the best ideas reach the last mile.

Examples include:​

  • Distribution of innovative menstrual health products 

  • Exchange initiatives, i.e. Goats for Gains

  • Biogas plant, drip irrigation & solar energy