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Blossom Trust

77 Sekkilar Street
Virudhunagar 626001
Tamil Nadu, India

Blossom Trust Chennai Branch 

Kanchipuram district

No. 7 Perumal Koil st. Irumbuliyur 
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Registration Number: 85/93

FCRA Approved & Indian Tax Exempt
Date of Registration: 7 June, 1993
Place: Aruppukkottai
Act: Indian Trust Act 1882


Dayspring Farm

Dayspring Organic Farm was established in 2003 on 6 acres of land that would later be shared with our children's home. Originally, the land was used as a poultry farm, but then was devastated by the 2005 Bird flu epidemic. Blossom Trust then turned 3 of the 6 acres into environmentally sustainable farm land to create a sustainable food income for the children at the Dayspring Home in 2007. The farm is maintained by a local farmer and international volunteers who tend to the livestock and crops.


We are always looking for volunteers to join our farm team. If you are interested in volunteering please click here.



The farm continues to take steps to be eco-centric and organic. Instead of using pesticides and chemical fertilizers, we have adopted vermi-compost and Panchagavya: a mixture of the manure which comes from our livestock with ghee, curd, and milk left to ferment for around 15 days.



The farm aims to produce adequate vegetables and fruit for the children of Dayspring and a revenue from selling surplus, wholesale to the Chittor community with hopes of the farm becoming self-sufficient.


Crops cultivated include: onion from August to December, along with spinach, brinjal (aubergine) from January to June, in the summer we let the farm grow with wild grass for our livestock. 


Fruit trees and bushes include: mango, gooseberry and guava



The farm is home a variety of animals which provide meat for the children on holiday occasions, daily milk and an income from selling  them at market. 

Livestock reared include: 3  goats and 2 kids, 3 female  cows and 1 male calf, several non-laying hens and roasters.